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Building Fund Sale

Raising money for our Children's Building is a monumental task.  Our church members and the community have donated the time and money, but many of them have also donated their goods, products, and services.  All of the funds raised from the purchase of these items will go directly into purchasing building supplies and hiring labor for the Children's Building.

If you're interested in purchasing an item, please contact Sarah Heller at (850)748-3555.  Pricing for all items is negotiable.  

Apparel/Home Goods

Chinese Shoes

This item was brought back from one of our Pastor's mission trips to China.  Approximately size 7.  Asking Price: $20

Amish Wall Hanging

Approx. 4' x 4'.  Handmade in an Amish community.  Great as a wall hanging or toddler blanket.  Asking Price: $50

Queen-sized Quilt

Handmade antique Amish quilt.  Asking price: $100


Whirlpool Microwave

Microwave is in great condition, we're just replacing it as part of the kitchen renovation.  Wall mounts.  Includes vent hood. Asking Price: $100

Whirlpool Oven

Electric oven is in good working condition, we just needed to upgrade our kitchen to serve more people.   Features a flat cook top.  Asking Price: $200

Yamaha Club V Series Speakers

We have 4 available speakers.  All of them are in great condition, we just needed to upgrade our sound system. Asking price: $180/each

Gift Cards

2 Movie Tickets to Gulf Breeze Cinema

  Asking price: $15

$25 Ruby Tuesday Gift Card 

  Asking price: $20

$8 Alphy's Gift Card

We have 2 available!  Asking price: $5 each